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Fatema Bayat, Executive Director: On June 30, 2009 at the Afghan Symposium for Humanitarian and Leadership Engagement in Washington, DC, a group of 125 leaders from all sectors met to form the Afghan Trusted Network to help strengthen the foundation of Afghanistan's civil society by engaging leadership and leveraging private, humanitarian and public sector capabilities. Our goal is to facilitate improved quality of life and generate training and education through mentoring, jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities for the people including the youth, the next generation leaders of Afghanistan.

The Honorable Said Tayeb Jawad

Former Afghan Ambassador to the United States: The people and the government of Afghanistan are grateful for the friendship and support from the government and people of the United States.  Your contribution of creating hope and jobs in Afghanistan is the best way of contributing to security in Afghanistan, stability in the region and security in the world... channeling the assistance of other organizations to reach out to Afghans, but most importantly helping out other for-profit and non-profit organizations to create a network to create a synergy between these different capabilities.

Hon. Zal Khalilzad

Former Ambassador to the UN, Iraq & Afghanistan:  The challenge for the Afghans and for those who are helping Afghanistan is how to move out of this period of difficulty, of crisis, to meet the current needs in a desparate situation through  humanitarian assistance and at the same time focus on economic development, security and political freedom, all of which must interact to produce success.  This balance between meeting current needs with humanitarian help, and focusing on how to bring about development, self-reliance, and prosperity is extremely important, with the ultimate goal of Afghans able to look after themselves. This kind of self-reliance is a challenge, possible only through your continued commitment and action.

Mr. Jim Bever, USAID

USAID is going to have a flexible and adaptable approach and we need you in the private sector, humanitarian, diplomatic NGO and civil society community as partners.  We welcome your role in this.  We don't have all the answers and we're looking for good models, good ideas we can replicate and good partners.  We put in our government resources, and if you contribute some private sector or foundation resources, we can really move.


NC4 delivers Situational Readiness solutions that empower government, non-profits and businesses with accurate, timely, actionable and secure information to manage uncertainty, providing 24x7 proactive incident information, the tools to coordinate complex data streams from multiple sources, and a common secure collaboration platform. NC4 is proud to support the Afghan Trusted Network and provide the secure member portal.

Afghan American Chamber of Commerce

The Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) facilitates U.S.-Afghan business, investment, and trade ties through its Matchmaking Conferences and related activities,  serves the interests of its members through various programs, and advocates for a free and open market economy in Afghanistan to strengthen U.S.-Afghan economic relations.

Grossman Burn Foundation

The Grossman Burn Foundation's mission is to promote effective, sustainable solutions for the comprehensive treatment, care, and support of burn survivors and their families here in the US as well as Afghanistan and other critical countries.

Technologists Inc.

Technologists, Inc.'s mission is to build strong foundations both in physical infrastructure and in human capacity. Ti delivers excellent results for its clients and partners and makes lasting improvements in the communities we serve. Ti projects enable people to reach their potential and to live more secure and productive lives. TI is guided by the core belief that human beings create wealth through hard work and learning from experience and that societies advance when individuals work together, building on the foundations of those who came before. Given the right tools, training, and incentives, people everywhere can achieve greater prosperity for themselves, their families, and generations to come.

Canada Afghanistan Business Council

Canada Afghanistan Business Council  facilitates bilateral trade and businesses opportunities between Canada and Afghanistan to create prosperity and development, and bridge gaps and overcome obstacles that may hinder investment and/or business prospects for Canadian and Afghan Businesses and Investors.

Afghan Sports Federation

Afghan sports Federation (ASF) is a non-profit organization based in Fairfax, Virginia area, for the benefit of amateur sports among the Afghan male and female youth and adults at every level of excellence in the United States and the world. ASF was formally established in 1998 by a group of Afghan soccer players and enthusiasts in the Metropolitan Washington DC area.

DynCorp International

For disaster response, humanitarian assistance, or interim base operating support services, DynCorp's Contingency Response Services can serve the local government agencies with rapid task order award, efficient project mobilization, and working along side in-country partners...

Roots of Peace

Roots of Peace works to unearth dangerous landmines in war-torn countries, empowering local communities to build sustainable crops on land once too dangerous to traverse, transforming scars of conflict into roots of peace.


About the Afghan Trusted Network

The Afghan Trusted Network is a project of the Bayat Foundation, and is powered by League for Hope and supported by NC4's secure portal and donations and gifts-in-kind from members, supporters, individuals and organizations. The Network members help guide the rules of use and protocol, and collaborate on-line and in-person to identify best practices, share resources and experiences and generally leverage their capabilities to gain the largest impact from the often limited resources available to humanitarians, businesses and NGOs. Each member is encouraged to contribute $75 or more per member as an annual support fee to help maintain the network. Listed below are the executive committee members of the Network:

Ehsan Bayat, Permanent Chair

Ehsan BayatEhsan Bayat, D.Huml, earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering Technology from the New Jersey Institute of Technology (1986). His family in Afghanistan was prominent in business, which prepared him for his future when he established himself as a successful entrepreneur in New York. After the fall of the Taliban in 2001, Afghan-American Ehsan Bayat embarked upon business endeavors that would bring about positive change to the development of Afghanistan. He founded Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC), Ariana Television Network (ATN) and Radio Ariana, and the Bayat Foundation. Mr. Bayat has received numerous awards recognizing his dedication to business and humanitarian efforts including Businessman of The Year Award (Afghan American Chamber of Commerce 2007), Best Humanitarian Award (2007, Zeba Magazine), and the 2006 Human Rights National Award, awarded by the Afghanistan Human Rights Association through President Karzai. Ehsan Bayat is a Trustee of the American University of Afghanistan.

Rebecca Grossman, 2012 Co-Chair: NGO

Rebecca GrossmanRebecca Gray Grossman founded the Grossman Burn Foundation (GBF) in 2006 after becoming the guardian of a young Afghan burn victim. Along with her husband Dr. Peter Grossman, Mrs. Grossman spearheads GBF's programs to provide burn victims with comprehensive medical care. Mrs. Grossman sits on the U.S.-Afghan Women's Council, and she has been awarded the American Heart Association's Woman of the Year Award, the Bayat Foundation's Humanitarian and Leadership Engagement Award and the Baha'i Human Rights Award. She also serves as Publisher of Westlake Magazine. Mrs. Grossman lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children.

Charlotte M. Ponticelli, 2012 Co-Chair: NGO

Charlotte M. PonticelliCharlotte M. (Charlie) Ponticelli is an international consultant and adjunct professor at the Catholic University of America. She has 23 years of US government experience, serving most recently as Deputy Under Secretary for International Labor Affairs at the U.S. Department of Labor and Senior Coordinator for International Women's Issues at the US Department of State. Mrs. Ponticelli is a member of the Afghan Trusted Network and the U.S.-Afghan Women's Council and an advisory board member of the Initiative to Educate Afghan Women. She is currently an advisor to the Grossman Burn Foundation, assisting with projects to provide quality burn-care treatment, training, and telemedicine in Afghanistan and to establish a Trauma Recovery and Wellness Program for Afghan women.

Steven J. Anlian, 2012 Co-Chair: Private Sector

Steven J. AnlianSteven J. Anlian, AICP, is an international development professional with extensive experience in housing and infrastructure planning, disaster and post-conflict relief, reconstruction and sustainable recovery. With more than 30 years professional experience with government, non-profit and profit organizations, he is currently the Director of Business Development for Technologists, Inc. He has directly managed many millions of dollars in development projects, humanitarian and technical assistance in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, funded by the U.S. Government and other donors. Mr. Anlian holds an MPA from Harvard University and degrees from Syracuse University and SUNY Syracuse in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Studies. He is member of the American Institute of Certified Planners.

Qasim Tarin, 2011 Co-Chair: Private Sector

Qasim TarinQasim Tarin is the co-founder and Chairman of the Afghan Business Network and the President and CEO of Electro Imaging Systems. He is the interim President of the Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce Northern California Chapter. He is a member of the Rotary International and the CEO Alliance Group, and is also part of the advisory group of Business Technology Associations. Afghan American Qasim Tarin built his own business to a multi-million dollar corporation in Northern California. With his wife, Salma Tarin, Qasim Tarin developed the idea of the Afghan Business Network to give his knowledge and expertise of developing a business to all developing entrepreneurs around the world.

Diane Rowan Rockefeller, 2011 Co-Chair: NGO

Diane Rowan RockefellerDiana Rowan Rockefeller is Founder and Chair of Afghan Women Leaders CONNECT, a Special Project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, Inc. A philanthropist and activist focusing for over two decades on women’s economic, educational and social equity issues, Ms. Rowan Rockefeller served for fourteen years on the Rockefeller Family Fund in New York and has worked with the Islam-Related Funders’ Group, led by senior professionals from Carnegie Corporation and Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Ms. Rowan Rockefeller has served on the U.S. Afghan Women’s Council/U.S. State Department and has taken part in delegations to Afghanistan, also traveling there on her own. She is a member of the Women and Foreign Policy Advisory Council at the Council on Foreign Relations, and is New York Leadership Circle Co-Chair of Women for Women International, which supports women survivors of war in eight countries. She holds a B.A. with honors, an M.A. from the University of Chicago, and has studied at the Harvard Divinity School. Ms. Rowan Rockefeller has also received an Honorary Doctorate for Humanitarian Services from Roger Williams University in Rhode Island.

Heidi Kuhn, 2009/10 Co-Chair: NGOs

Heidi KuhnHeidi Kuhn is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley in Political Economics of Industrial Societies, and has received the Cal Berkeley Alumni Award for Excellence and Achievement in 2002 and the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Award/ National Jefferson Award for Public Service in 2007. Prior to Roots of Peace, Heidi served on the California Council of the Humanities. Additionally, she has been recognized for her work in Roots of Peace through the Skoll Social Entrepreneurship Award, the WANGO World Association of Non-Governmental Award for Peace & Security , The “Walk the Talk” Award from UN World Environment Day, The Rotary International “Service Above Self” Award, the Spirit of Marin Award and The Marin Women’s Hall of Fame Award, and in 2007 accepted a formal Proclamation from the United Nations Environment Program, officially recognizing that “Landmines are an environmental concern.” Prior to her work on the landmine issue, Heidi owned her own television news organization, NewsLink International, reporting for CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Nippon Television and other major media organizations. A cancer survivor, Heidi views landmines as a curable disease—removable.

John R. Gastright, 2009/10 Co-Chair: Private Sector

John R. GastrightJohn Anthony Gastright, Jr. is the Vice President for Government Affairs at DynCorp International and the Vice President of the Afghanistan-American Chamber of Commerce. He is also a Non-resident Fellow with the Project 2049 Institute. From March 2005 to December 2007, he was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh and the U.S. Interagency Coordinator for Afghanistan. From March 2003 to June 2005 he served as Special Assistant for South Asia to Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage. Prior to service at the State Department, Mr. Gastright served as a congressional staffer in the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate from 1995 to 2003. From 1988 to 1994, he was an officer in the United States Navy and from 1987 to 1988 he served as a City of Charleston South Carolina Police Officer. He has been awarded Master’s Degrees from the Catholic University of America, the Naval War College and a Bachelor’s Degree from the Citadel.

Rosalie J. Wyatt, Director, Afghan Trusted Network

Rosalie J. WyattRosalie J. Wyatt is President of Wyatt Consulting Group International, Inc., a consulting firm with an emphasis on constituency building, public/private partnerships and non-for-profit governance. She has over 20 years of private sector experience in the technology and finance sectors including international work with Motorola and agency trading on Wall Street with Paine Webber. Ms. Wyatt serves on the board of several organizations including the ReadyCommunities Partnership for domestic preparedness in the first 72 hours of crisis; Community Institute for Preparedness, Response and Recovery; League for Hope for community development in North Africa; and as board secretary for the Bayat Foundation helping to rebuild Afghanistan. She received her undergraduate business degree from Pepperdine University, a Master of International Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University and is a student of Spanish and French languages.



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